How do I download Lexicon?

Lexicon for iPhone and iPod Touch is only available through the iTunes App Store.

How do I use Lexicon?

With Lexicon, you can add and study the words you want to learn. First, in the Words tab tap Add Word to add a new word. Then enter the text you want for the language. Repeat this for the words you want to learn. When you're done, go to the Practice tab to review your words.

What languages does Lexicon support?

Lexicon supports over 70 languages. Dictionaries are available between English and 9 languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Can I use Lexicon to study more than one language?

Yes, you can use Lexicon to study many languages. To change between languages, go to the Words tab, tap Options, then tap the Language button.

Can I look up words to add to my vocabulary?

You can use a dictionary to look up words in a language. Go to the Dictionary tab and, if a dictionary is available, you will see a search field. Dictionaries are currently available in 11 languages, and we are adding more over time.

How do I get dictionaries for Lexicon?

Dictionaries are automatically downloaded in Lexicon when they are available for your current language.

Do I have to be online to use a dictionary?

The first time a dictionary is loaded, it is downloaded from our server. After that, it is stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch, so you don't need a network connection to use it.

What do I do if there's no dictionary available in my native language?

Most of our current dictionaries are from English to various foreign languages. If a dictionary is not available in your native language, you can change the Dictionary native language to English in Dictionary Options.

How is the dictionary used when I'm editing text for words?

If a dictionary is available in the current language, it is used to automatically translate words you enter when editing words. If you don't want this behavior, you can turn off Auto-Translate Words in Dictionary Options.

How can I enter text into Lexicon in other languages?

On your iPhone or iPod Touch, open the Settings application. Select General, then International, and then Keyboards. Turn on the keyboard (or keyboards) you want to use. Then, in Lexicon, tap the globe icon in the keyboard to change between your keyboards.

Can I enter words on my computer and export them to Lexicon on my iPhone?

You can use Lexicon for the Mac to add and edit words on your Mac and then share them with Lexicon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In Lexicon on your Mac, turn on Share my vocabulary in Preferences. Then tap the Sharing tab in Lexicon on your iPhone to download words from your Mac.

Is there a discount if I buy Lexicon for the Mac and iPhone?

Yes! You can get a $7.00 discount on Lexicon for the Mac after buying Lexicon for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Open Lexicon on your iPhone or iPod Touch and go to the Sharing tab. Tap the Options button and then tap Lexicon Coupon. Then use this coupon code when buying Lexicon for the Mac.

Why isn't my Mac showing up in the Sharing tab on my iPhone?

First, make sure Share my Vocabulary is enabled in the Preferences for Lexicon on your Mac. If you're still having trouble, make sure your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and Mac are on the same network. The easiest way to do this is to connect both of them to the same wireless network.

Can I use audio in Lexicon?

You can record and playback audio in Lexicon, but this feature requires an iPhone.

How can I organize my vocabulary when I have lots of words?

You can use Groups to separate and organize your vocabulary. Go to the Words tab and tap the Options button. Tap the Group button to edit your Groups and select the current Group. When you Practice, you can choose which Groups to review.

Can I restart a Practice or Quiz session?

Sure. If you're in the middle of a Practice or Quiz session, just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to restart it.

Can I enter a word's value instead of using multiple choice in a Quiz?

You can. Just go to the Quiz's Options and choose Short Answer instead of Multiple Choice.

Is there somewhere I can talk to other Lexicon users?

Sure! Check out the Lexicon Forum.

What if I have more question about Lexicon?

if you have any more questions.