What It Is

Opacity is an editor for screen graphics designed exclusively for Mac OS X. It makes it easy for graphic artists to design great looking images for icons, desktop applications, and the web.

Resolution independence is coming soon and Opacity can help you make your graphics resolution independent. It's been designed from the ground up to make it easy to make gorgeous graphics at multiple resolutions.

Opacity is a powerful tool for professional artists with all the features you'd expect, like vector objects, pixel editing, and live filters. It also has plenty of new features like Variables and Factories to make designing screen graphics even easier!

Opacity Express

Opacity Express is a streamlined, more affordable version of Opacity. It includes most of Opacity's innovative, powerful features at a much lower price. Best of all, if you decide you need to upgrade to Opacity, you can at any time for the difference in price. For more, see the differences between Opacity and Opacity Express.

What It's Not

The things that Opacity doesn't do were almost as important in creating it as the things it does do. By focusing on a very specific purpose (graphics for the screen), Opacity is easier to use and has specific features that wouldn't make sense if it tried to do everything. Here are some things it's not for:

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Opacity and Opacity Express require Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.